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Welcome School Registration Form

Is your child male or female.

Emergency Contacts (Other than parents): We must have 3 on file. Thanks!

Can pick up the child
Can pick up the child
Can pick up the child


Medical Information

Please make sure a copy of your child's current immunization record is attached.

If so, please get a form from the director and fill out special medication instructions.

If so, please attach a sheet instructing WS staff on what procedures to take if your child comes in contact with...

Permission to call Doctor in case of emergency:

Emergency Medical Treatment

I give Welcome School permission to seek any necessary medical treatment for my child(ren). Welcome School will make every possible attempt to reach me in the case of an emergency, but in the event that I cannot be reached, one of the emergency contacts will be notified. Parent signature:

Permission to Photograph

I give Welcome School permission to photograph/record and post my child(ren’s) images. I understand that my child(ren’s) images may be used on Facebook or the website for Welcome School, although their identities will remain confidential.

Tuition Agreement


I agree to pay the following tuition amounts and fees to Welcome School in accordance with center policies as listed in the Parent Handbook. Payments are due the first of the month. A late fee will be charged for tuition that is paid after the seventh of the month. I also agree to pay any additional late fees incurred to Welcome School in accordance with the policies stated in the Parent Handbook. If my account goes unpaid, Welcome School reserves the right to terminate enrollment and seek any methods of collection necessary.

Registration Fee (per child):

$75 (non-refundable) + 2.99% Convenience Fee

Tuition (per child):

  • 2 day $130/month**    $1,111 after discount

  • 3 day $150/month**    $1,283 after discount

  • 5 day $240/month**    $2,052 after discount


**5% discount if paid in full by September

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